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  Introduction: Welcome to Grant Writing for Non-Profit Professionals!

Thank you for joining Grant Writing for Non-Profit Professionals - an immersive training into the world of grant writing and fundraising!

In this 10-week series of trainings you will develop your grant writing skills, get access to tools and templates and receive personalized feedback on your work.


WEEK 1: Assess your readiness. Understand the fundraising cycle from donor cultivation to closing the grant and assess your organization's strengths and weaknesses in fundraising. (Assessment provided)

WEEK 2: Use research tips and templates. Use a checklist to get clear on your organization's priorities and learn research tips to efficiently save time identifying funders that are the best fit for your organization. (Templates provided)

WEEK 3: Building relationships. Learn tips and strategies for getting an "IN" with potential funders before the writing process can even begin.

WEEK 4: Grants management best practices. Learn best practices and grants management tools to stay organized and meet multiple deadlines.

WEEK 5: Develop concept notes and letters of inquiry (LOIs) to organize your proposed project and save time before writing the proposal. (Templates provided)

WEEK 6: Learn the components of short and long proposals. Begin to develop a practice proposal and receive personal guidance as you go.

WEEK 7: Create SMART Goals, Objectives, Activities, and Outcomes. Learn the difference between these concepts and integrate these into your proposal to create a strong project plan that persuades funders to partner with you.

WEEK 8: Learn and practice reporting strategies. Develop reports that tell the story of your organization and convey impact.

WEEK 9: Practice giving and receiving feedback on writing clear, concise, and impact-focused donor materials.

WEEK 10: One-on-one coaching (45 minutes). Use this time to ask any questions and receive feedback and guidance on anything you worked in this training over the last 9 weeks!